I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

Do you believe in Ghosts? Will and I were super excited to go explore a ghost town in Mississippi. We had read there was a population of 2 in that town. We thought they meant people, but we would soon find out that maybe they meant something else. We arrived early and they were right. Not one person was around. It was quiet with only the sounds of toads from the nearby swaps, crickets, and other unrecognizable sounds that were strange to a city girl like me. It was the perfect spot to film our lyric video for SOLA! We headed straight for the building that stood out the most. It was an abandoned church. We went in, set up camp, wasted no time and started filming. As we were filming I started hearing a really loud banging coming from the top left side of the church’s ceiling. I’m aware that these old places have rats, or critters nesting in the crevices and nooks, but this noise was different. At first I tried to ignore it, but then the banging got louder. The video recording caught a confused me looking to the corner, where the noise was coming from, and asking Will if he could hear it. To make things more confusing, Will couldn’t hear what I was hearing. The last bangs I heard gave me goosebumps and I told Will as I ran for the door that I no longer felt comfortable there.

Next we decided to film inside this house that was practically in ruins. Will told me to go inside, climb to the second floor, sit on the broken window and he would film from the outside. It took me about 15 minutes to do so. The wood is completely rotten so I had to go super slow for fear that a piece of wood would break and I’d end up in the swamp below the house. I made it upstairs to the window. We filmed for a while. All of a sudden the hairs on my arms stood up and for some reason I felt the need to look back and I saw shadow movements in the closet. I wanted to run out of there but couldn’t because of the condition of the wood. I was so freaked out, Will had to go meet me halfway to escort me out, since I was afraid to pass the closet which I had to pass on the way to the staircase. I felt desperate to get out and wanted to scream with every, slow, cautious step I took. After that I put my foot down and quit. I told Will I would no longer go inside buildings in that town. I didn’t feel safe.

We decided to switch roles. Across the house was another church. This time I would film William the Brave, walking in and out of the church. Will is not one to show fear. He is the bravest guy I know, or at least he does a good job of hiding when he’s scared. He walked around the church like a champ. Then I told him I wanted to film him going into the church. He did. He disappeared for about 8 seconds and then walked out at a pace I had never seem him walk before. He was kind of pale and almost running as he practically yelled “Let’s get the hell out of here.” As soon as he said that we both sprinted to the car. We got in and drove out of that town.

Later in the rooms at midnight, no joke, an alarm we did not set went off. This happened for three consecutive nights in three different states during the tour. When on tour, our days are super long, and usually we don’t make it back to the rooms until late at night. That’s the time we usually review what we’ve filmed. The scariest part came around 11pm as we were reviewing what we had filmed in the ghost town. We were looking at the footage of me inside the first church when all of a sudden we heard the loud banging coming from the roof of the church that I had heard earlier. The banging that Will for some reason could not hear while we were there. Will asked with terror in his eyes “What IS THAT?!” I told him, “That’s the knocking/hammering I heard while filming. Remember I asked you if you were hearing it and you couldn’t?” Without saying a word he turned off the laptop and said we’d review tomorrow. That night I slept with the light on. I have the feeling Will did too. And for the next few nights we had an unwanted visitor in our rooms. We couldn’t see it or hear it but we totally felt it lingering. Those leepless nights weren’t fun.