The Los Angeles based, bilingual band Love Star released their album ESPECTRO, produced by 16 time GRAMMY winning producer Thom Russo in July 2016. The first single , titled SOLA, was awarded by the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. The Official Video for Lejos is the most recent video released, and 6 of the songs in this album have already been filmed, edited, produced and released by Love Star. Their first single from ESPECTRO, for their song Busco has received over 122,000 views.


Prior to this album they self released an EP titled ‘Happiness,’ which was well received. All four songs from that EP continue to be played on various college, independent, online and major radios across the US, Mexico and Latin America. Their sound was described as “ Happiness in musical code” by People en Espanol and as “a kind of retro alternative pop that refuses to be blue” by iTunes. They love the stage and regularly appear around the LA area at Los Globos, La Cita and The Whisky among others.  They also made their MEXICO and CMJ debuts in 2015. Their music and videos have been featured on popular TV programs like Lanzate on Univision in the US and on El Shuffle in Mexico plus others.


Love Star loves to push the envelope. They decided to release their album not only as a full length album, but also in three chapters, thereby turning it into a “musical book.” Espectro is often referred to as a Music Soap Opera and in their own words, Love Star describes their music as “dismantled electro pop.” To showcase their new album, they hit the road last Summer with several dates in Mexico and the U.S. Their tour was titled “Turn your SCARS into STARS” as it echoed the message from their new album.