Love Star Loses It in Front of Confused Strangers

As soon as I woke up I knew what day it was. I had been waiting for these results for months now. It was the day that they would be announcing the finalists for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Almost every songwriter friend of mine had submitted for this and since the contest is open to songwriters everywhere, I can’t even imagine how many entries they received. I know that winning or losing would not shake Love Star, but this contest did mean A LOT to me. We strongly believe in our music and I had been wanting to enter for years. This year we finally felt we had a few strong songs, and Will and I had sat down one night to decide which one to send in. We made a list with all our songs and started the elimination process. We continued until only one was left… SOLA.

Had we made the right chioce? Was it strong enough to make the cut? It was 6:30 am and I decided to go to their website to find out. As the page was loading, I changed my mind and quickly clicked off. I decided to wait until lunch time. When lunch came I still couldn’t get myself to look. I called Will only to find out he hadn’t looked either. We decided that we would meet after work in one of our favorite Hollywood spots (a small cafe) and look together.

 The moment had arrived, and with coffees in hand and butterflies in our stomachs, we opened the page. And there it was…. SOLA-1098763457. We were screaming in shock , beyond happy and losing our cool in front of confused strangers. Then it hit me… why in the heck does it say SOLA-1098763457?? Ugh, it was our mistake  (long story). We’d have to call them and get that fixed, BUT we were finalists!